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Give your dog the gift of being able to trust you

skickad 30 nov. 2012 10:51 av Mikaela Novotny   [ uppdaterad 4 dec. 2012 12:01 ]

Tricking your dog to come to you, maybe by pretending you have a treat in your hand, will most certainly work...a couple of times. In the long run it is better to opt for trust so that when you call your dog knows it is time to come, treat or no treat. When your dog trusts you, he follows you. You’re the person who gives him food, warmth, protection and make toys come to life. You are fun to be around and good things come from doing as you say.


By showing that you are trustworthy your dog will learn to look to you for cues for what to do and that is your golden opportunity to guide your dog to learning the response you want from him.